Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reflection of term 2


My favourite in Reading has been The Butterfly Effect because I felt like I had some awesome questions in that post and I did the best that I could.

Something I have learnt is how to ask good questions. Here is a LINK to the post on my blog.

My next step is to start to read faster and not to just guess words when I am in a hurry to finish a book.


This is my favourite writing Here is a link to my favourite writing.

I am proud of this piece of writing because I made it the best that I could and I think that I did well. Here is a LINK to my writing I am most proud of.

I have learnt...

  • Punctuation
  • Form correct sentences

My next step is put in more punctuation in as I am writing.

I like my blog because it has awesome posts on it and I have put a lot of effort into it.

This is my favourite post  because I feel like I explained it well and said why it is important to have an avatar well enough for everyone to know why it is important to have an avatar.

I like commenting on blogs because this blog is very interesting and has lots of amazing posts on it.
This is my favourite comment. If you click on the LINK you can see my favourite comment on her blog.


This is my favourite maths because I felt like I did my best.

I am proud of was my maths test.

I have learnt...

  • Decimals
  • More about Fractions and to understand them better.

Something I find challenging is keeping up with all the year 6 children but I am coping.

My next step is to get faster at my working out.

This is my favourite art.

Something I have liked in our topic learning is about plastic and how we are effecting the world even more every day as we dump more and more rubbish on the ground. Click on the LINK to see my 2 posts on topic.

P.E. / Fitness
I like playing these games:

I learn and develop the skills of working with others and ball skills ( Catching and passing) by playing these games.

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  1. Wow Hannah that's shows a lot of effect that you put into your work it also shows me your favourite post your avatar that's mine too.
    Keep up the awesome work.


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