Monday, September 2, 2013

Snow Leopard Report and Tic Tac Toe

Did You Know
That poachers kill them for their fur?
That Snow leopards have very large paws?
Did you know that a Snow Leopard can use its tail as a blanket to keep it warm.

Grey coat
White belly
Head and limbs, Black and Brown
Tail heavy
Winter coat lighter in colour
Large cat
Extremely Rare
Estimated to be 3000-10000 left in the wild
370 Captivity
Wild Hares
Sheep and Blue Sheep
Mountain Goats
Wild Boar
Steep Areas
Himalayan Highlands of India
Mountain Ranges
Den in Caverns
Solitary Crevices
Pairing during Breeding
Do not roar
Active early morning and late afternoon
Snow leopards prefer to inhabit steep cliff areas


Litter: 2-5 cubs at a time
Gestation 98-103 days
End of winter
The snow Leopard can kill animals 3 times its size
It comes back to its animal that it has killed for over 3 or 4 days so that it can get a feed every day.

My Report

The snow Leopard is an amazing animal. It lives in India and is very beautiful. It is black and white and has some brown also on it. Read this report to find out more facts about the Snow Leopard, the amazing animal.

The Snow Leopard is a large cat. It has a grey and white coat. The limbs and the head of the Snow Leopard is pure black or brown. In the winter, the coat of the Snow Leopard is lighter in colour. The tail of a Snow Leopard is quite heavy.

Snow Leopards are carnivores. They eat wild hares, birds, sheep and blue sheep,
mountain goat, wild boar, marmots, bobak, mice, gazelles, deer and tahr.

The population of the Snow Leopard now is estimated at about 3000-10000 left in the wild
370 in captivity.

Snow Leopards breed at the end of winter from January to May.In a litter there are 2-5 cubs at a time. Gestation is for 98-103 days until the Cub is born. Snow Leopard cubs are very cute. I would love to keep one as a pet. When the cubs are born, they are blind and helpless.

Snow Leopards den in Caverns and pairing up during Breeding. Heaps of people think that Snow Leopards roar but they do not roar. Did you know that Snow Leopards are nocturnal. They are active early morning and late afternoon. Snow leopards prefer to inhabit steep cliff areas.

Snow Leopards like to live on mountains, Pine and evergreen and steep areas. Some live in the himalayan highlands of India. They also live in scrub.

Did you know
That poachers kill them for their fur? I think that is really sad because they are really awesome animals so I think that they should stop. The Snow leopard has very large paws so that it can climb. Did you know that a Snow Leopard can use its tail as a blanket to keep it warm. Did you know that Snow Leopards store fat in their tails to keep them warm.

The amazing Snow Leopard can kill animals up to 3 times its size
It comes back to its animal that it has killed for over 3 or 4 days so that it can get a feed every day. The scientific name for a Snow Leopard is a unica unica. A male Snow leopard is called a Leopard and a female Snow Leopard is called a Leopardess. Snow Leopards and Endangered. Snow Leopards are mammals. Like humans, Snow Leopards have all different paw prints.


  1. This is awesome.
    I never knew that snow leopards had so many habitats to live in or how many their are.

  2. Good work there Hannah I like the blog post and the tic tac toe.
    I did not know that it's threats were Tigers Poachers Jaguars wow now I know a lots about snow leopards. :)

  3. Wow Hannah!
    Snow leopards are a really good animal to do research on.
    I really like how you have put your tic tac toe with it too.
    Snow leopards like living in snowy places the the Himalayas.
    I like the photo at the end too.
    Well done:)

  4. Awesome Hanz
    I like you report
    It is really cool I like how you did it in a tic tac toe
    Keep you the good work
    Well done

  5. "Wow Hannah You did a fantastic Snow Leopard report. Why did you chose the Snow Leopard?
    Keep up the great work :-)

  6. Awesome Hannah!
    Great post.
    You have done a really good Snow Leopard report, It must of been a interesting animal to do a report on.
    Keep up the good work.
    Well done:)

  7. Wow Hannah,
    Great report.
    Its cool how you know a lot about the Snow Leopard.
    I never knew that the Snow Leopard could kill animal three times its size.
    Well Done Hannah.

  8. Well-structured report on Iris's favourite animal, Hannah. You really have integrated your reading and writing skills well. I like how you included your tic tac toe.


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