Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fin Whale Report


This is my Fin Whale report. It has lots of facts that I got out of books and off the internet.
Hope you enjoy!

My Camp Reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was have fun and participate in everything I can.

I achieved this because I tried my best in all the activities and I did all of them. I had loads of FUN!!!

Something I was pleased with was that the whole class got along together and I got to do things I had never done before because I had never been up to Camp Kaitawa and I had never been caving.

I really enjoyed learning about glow worms and caves because I found them really interesting and I had never been in a cave before.
Something I found hard was running up the pipeline because it was very steep and it was very challenging.
Something that made me think was in the amazing race, when we were doing the thinking challenge, I had to think what were the pictures because we only got to see some of the pictures.
· My top 5 favourite things about camp were:

Favourite Things
Reason Why
1. Caving
Because I had never been before.
2. Getting to know people better
Because some of the people in the class, I didn't know really well.
3. Confidence Course
Because there were some challenging things in it like flipping over the cargo net.
4.Amazing Race
Because my team worked very well together.
5. Kayaking
Because the water was cold and we got to get wet. Bree and I stood up in a double kayak.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Camp Daily Reflection
Today we had an awesome day. My favourite thing was caving. I loved caving because I saw about 30 to 40 glow worms. I like the rope challenge when we had to climb down a hole. I love squeezing through holes and tight spaces. I like it in the caves because it is different and it is actually warm inside the caves compared to the outside where it is raining.

Moment in time:
We are now entering the last and final cave and I really don’t want it to end now. I look up. I see three wetas. I jump with fright. I think to myself, “man, wetas are so ugly!” I am just calmly walking through the caves, bending and crouching, jumping and crawling. I look all down the front of me and I am so muddy. Most of the mud is from when we were standing outside one of the previous caves and we all decided to have a mud fight. I got hit a couple of times but that doesn't matter because I like getting dirty. I secretly think to myself, if I get really dirty, then I will get to have a longer shower and that way I will stay warmer longer!” We walk a little while longer when I think to myself, “I am such a weirdo because if I really think about it, by getting more dirty, it doesn’t mean that my skin will get dirty, it only means that my clothing on the outside that I am wearing will get dirty.” I think. I bend down because I  nearly bang my head. “Wow. That was close.” I say to Lily who is in front of me. “What was close?” She answers back. “I nearly just banged my head.” I tell Lily.

“Eww, Gross!” I shout. We are walking through water and it is sinking into my wet and dirty shoes. Finally we are past it and now my shoes are soaked right through. We climb up a slippery slope that has these holes in it that look like foot hole. So that is what I use them for. We are all standing on the top of the bank. It is right next to the road. We all cross the road and we are standing on the other side of the road. “If you want to go back to camp, go and stand with Mrs Hill and if you want to keep caving and go down the rope, go and stand by Mr Moriarty.” Says Miss Hill. I run and stand by Mr Moriarty. I really want to keep caving because I love it. Being in a cave feels like it is my other home to me. I just love it!

The people who chose to keep caving started walking down the slippery slope and back through the wet and muddy water. “Great.” I moan to myself. “I nearly had these shoes nice and dry and now I have to get them all soaked through again.” Actually, I don’t mind because I love caving. I feel a rush of nervousness run down my spine. I am really hoping that the rope will hold me and that there are places in the hole to put my feet in because if there are no holes, I might get major rope burn on my hands and man, that hurts when you have to keep going on with what you are doing when you have rope burn. We have reached where we are going down the rope and it is a drop that goes down into a cave. “That is where we will be going!” Says Mr Moriarty excitedly. He starts to climb down the rope with Miss Hill guiding him at the top. “Lean back and you will feel a big flat and smooth rock” Miss Hill says. I am standing there and wondering how big the hole is. “I have reached the bottom!” Shouts Mr Moriarty. It is now Olivia’s turn and as she goes down I am feeling more and more nervous.

It is now my turn and I am standing on the edge of the hole. I am gripping the rope tight. “Flick!’ I turn on my headlamp and begin to climb down. I lean back and feel the rock. To me, the rock doesn’t feel all that stable but it must be. Everyone has been leaning on it for years and years and it would be pretty unlucky if it was to fall on me out of everyone who has been on it. I am feeling for my way down now with my headlamp off. A big puff of dust falls from the ceiling and lands right in my face. I can’t feel anymore rocks down below me. I start to wonder if I have touched the ground. I look down and I see the ground. I have made it down. I am so proud of myself for making it to the bottom. Olivia and I get told to go down to the back of the cave and we can explore it. I find this hole so I crawl through it. Crawling through the gap was quite a tight squeeze but I get through. Now all the people have gone down the rope we are all crawling through the gaps and getting our photo taken when we stop. We turn off our torches and headlamps. We look up and we can see these little glowing things on the roof. “They are glow worms!” I whisper to myself. I am actually seeing glow worms for the first time. They all look like stars in the night sky.

Once we have all walked back up the rope we start to walk back to the van. As we are walking all our shoes go “squish squelch!” We reach the van and we all pile in. We all go back to camp and have showers.


Friday, June 21, 2013

How to survive in the bush

Steps to survive in the bush.

Bushwalking is fun, but do you know how to keep safe? These 5 steps will show you how to keep safe.

  1. Plan your trip
  2. Tell someone
  3. Be aware of the weather
  4. Know your limits
  5. Take supplies that you will need in worst case scenario

  1. Plan your Trip: If you are going for a walk, make sure you know where you are going and make sure you are familiar with the track and that it is safe. It might be a good idea to keep a map and a compass in your bag in case you get lost.

  1. Tell someone: Before you leave, tell someone where you are going and what time you should be coming back by because if you are not back by the time you said you were going to be, the person that you told could get worried and wonder where you are and come looking for you.

  1. Be aware of the weather: Check the weather before you leave but don’t only check the weather for the day that you are leaving because if you get lost and can’t get out, you might have to stay the night there. So if you do have to stay the night, you will have to know what weather was coming up. If you are walking and the weather changes, you will know what to do if you know the weather.

  1. Know your limits: When you are out walking, know what you are able to do and if you know that your friends, that are with you can’t do something, don’t do it. Know what takes you out of your comfort zone and if you really don’t want to do it when you are in the bush, don’t do it.

  1. Take supplies that you will need in worst case scenario: Before you leave, make sure you have enough food, water, equipment such as rope and other things, clothing incase the weather changes and an emergency First Aid Kit. Also take some sort of communication so that if you are stuck, you can communicate with someone you can trust.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Tower of Hanoi

This puzzle was invented in 1883 by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas.
The aim of the puzzle is to mover the tower to another rod. here are the rules:

  • You may only move one disc at a time
  • You may not place a larger disc on top of a smaller disc
  1. What is the fewest number of moves it would take to solve the puzzle?
How I worked it out is:
Since there are 4 levels on the tower, it will take 15 moves to move the whole tower to another rod.
This is how I worked it out:

Forth level
Third level
Second level
First level

Tower of Hanoi by hannah from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.

    2.  What is the fewest number of moves it would take to solve the puzzle if there were 9 discs in             the tower?
How I worked it out is:
I worked out the pattern. Every time you add a level to the tower it makes you have to use more moves to get them back into order and on another rod.
Pattern is:  Each time you add a level the tower, to get the final amount of moves you have to double the previous amount of moves then add one more move to the answer.

This is how I worked out how many moves it would take:

  • 1 level - 1 move
  • 2 level - 3 moves
  • 3 level - 7 moves
  • 4 level - 15 moves
  • 5 level - 31 moves
  • 6 level - 63 moves
  • 7 level - 127 moves
  • 8 level - 255 moves
  • 9 level - 511 moves

So it will take 511 moves to get the whole tower to another rod if there were 9 levels on it.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Master Chef

Camp Daily Reflection:
Today we did master chef and I think that my group worked very well together. Overall we ended up coming 2nd. We all worked as hard as we could and I am proud of my group.

Day 2 Reflection:
Today is the day when we are doing Master Chef. We have to cook 4 courses. They are Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert. For the day we are cooking for not only the whole group but 2 judges. The judges are Anthony, (Italiano Judge) and also Miss Patel (American Judge.)  “On your marks, get set, GO!!!” Yells Italiano judge! The time has began and all the teams are going crazy. I run and grab my Camp Book out of the box because it has our menu in it. I quickly race through the pages and find the page with our menu on it. It says,
Leopards Jungle Cafe
Brunch Menu:
Lunch Menu:
Dinner / Dessert Menu :
Brunch: Pancakes with...
Lunch: Toasted Sandwiches with...
Dinner: Baked Potatoes with...
Half of the Cheese
Golden Syrup
And Saveloys on the side
Vegetables / Carrots
Egg in with the Pancake mix
2 Packets of Noodles

Half of the Cheese




Instant Pudding

Fruit Salad

I get the flour and quickly pour it into the bowl. Then Tracey cracks the egg into the bowl while Teva adds the milk in. I start to stir it. Jason suggests that we should add in the Golden Syrup so Dylan scrapes it in. We all run out and go and chose a little barbecue. We chose the one that is 2nd to the end and we start cooking. We are the first team out there. I spread butter all around the pan then put some mixture on it. I wait till there are some bubbles on the top of the pancake. I flip it. I look at the side that I have just flipped and it looks amazing. It is perfectly golden and a perfect circle.I am so proud of my group.

It comes to judging and the judges come over to us and we wait nervously. They start to pick at the pancakes. “ Does it have any sort of sauce to go with it?” They ask. “ No sorry, we put the golden syrup in the pancake mix.” I reply. We wait for the judges to say something.”  “ This is so yummy!” The judges say. They start to walk away. I feel really proud of my team and what we have served of the judges.

Time for the scoring. They both call. I am waiting very silently and I feel really excited. Suddenly, “Leopards, what we have scored you today is a 6 and a 7. I think that your team has done exceptionally well. You should all be proud. The one thing that I think that you should have had and what would have made it better is to have some sort of sauce. Your total score is 13.” Miss Patel says.  We have done so well I say to my team. We end up coming 5 equal.

This is what we presented for the judges at Brunch.

This is Tracey and i making pancakes for us. Yum Yum!

This is our whole group around the little barbecue.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Kiwi Creche

Camp Daily Reflection
My favourite thing that has happened today has getting to see and pat a Kiwi. One thing that I learnt was that a kiwi makes a clicking sound when it is angry and it is trying to scare people away. The clicking sound that the kiwi makes sounds like an electric fence.

Moment in time: Kiwi
A lady is walking over to us. She is carrying a box. There must be a kiwi in the box!” I think to myself. Carefully, she lifts the kiwi out by the feet, out of the box. “The reason why she am lifting the kiwi out of the box by the legs are because to the kiwi, the legs and the strongest defence to other animals and people. The lady says the we all have to remain calm and quiet or else the kiwi will get very scared and angry. When the kiwi is scared it makes a sort of clicking noise that sounds like an electric fence. The lady starts walking with the kiwi around the room. She starts walking around with the kiwi going one way and she passed a kiwi around the room another way. The kiwi came my way first and I reached out to pat it. I felt my heart racing really fast. There was a rush of nervousness running down my spine. I felt nervous because I didn’t want to hurt the kiwi. I lean out to the kiwi and I feel my hand running down the kiwi’s back. The feathers feel like they are between soft and rough. They felt scruffy. I felt like I had just been through one of the most amazing things in my life. The lady starts walking past me now and all I can see around the kiwi is FLASH, FLASH, FLASH! All the cameras are going wild.

It is time to go so we all get up and start walking to the vans and cars.
I loved getting to see and pat that kiwi.

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