Friday, June 14, 2013

Kiwi Creche

Camp Daily Reflection
My favourite thing that has happened today has getting to see and pat a Kiwi. One thing that I learnt was that a kiwi makes a clicking sound when it is angry and it is trying to scare people away. The clicking sound that the kiwi makes sounds like an electric fence.

Moment in time: Kiwi
A lady is walking over to us. She is carrying a box. There must be a kiwi in the box!” I think to myself. Carefully, she lifts the kiwi out by the feet, out of the box. “The reason why she am lifting the kiwi out of the box by the legs are because to the kiwi, the legs and the strongest defence to other animals and people. The lady says the we all have to remain calm and quiet or else the kiwi will get very scared and angry. When the kiwi is scared it makes a sort of clicking noise that sounds like an electric fence. The lady starts walking with the kiwi around the room. She starts walking around with the kiwi going one way and she passed a kiwi around the room another way. The kiwi came my way first and I reached out to pat it. I felt my heart racing really fast. There was a rush of nervousness running down my spine. I felt nervous because I didn’t want to hurt the kiwi. I lean out to the kiwi and I feel my hand running down the kiwi’s back. The feathers feel like they are between soft and rough. They felt scruffy. I felt like I had just been through one of the most amazing things in my life. The lady starts walking past me now and all I can see around the kiwi is FLASH, FLASH, FLASH! All the cameras are going wild.

It is time to go so we all get up and start walking to the vans and cars.
I loved getting to see and pat that kiwi.

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