Friday, May 25, 2012


For homework this week we had to make a incredibox which is a music video where you can make men sing and they can all have their own parts. Here is a LINK to my music video and at the end you can make your own.They are really fun to make and I am sure you will like it as well.
I really think you should try it because if you do, and if you have a blog like me, you can put a link to it and then other people can see it.
It is an awesome site and I recommend you try it too.

This is what my it looks like as you are making it.

By Hannah Hansen

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Maths Reflection: Multiplication Strategies

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This is my Maths reflection on one of the maths times tables that my group the SONICS had to do with the teacher. It was really fun to do and also made it really easy for me.

Maths Reflection
Multiplication Strategies

· Something I was pleased with was that at Maths time I got all the questions right because at first I didn’t really get what we were doing but I had a go and ended up getting them all right.

· I really enjoyed learning was the  addition and subtraction strategies because it made it easier for me.

· Something I found hard was when we had to use a calculator when we had to reverse the numbers and  put them into the calculator and see if the answer was the same no matter what way we put them.

· Something that made me think was some of my 7X and 8X because I know nearly all my other X tables but I struggle on my 7 & 8 times tables.

· Something I want to get better at is my 7 & 8 times tables.
          (What can I do about it?) use the maths symbaloo and practice on Tutpup.

My Maths Reflection: Knowledge Test

Reflection for my maths test

· Something I was pleased with was That I got 95% in the Stage 5 test and I got 50% in the stage 6 test because now I am a Mario and the only year 5 in the group.

· I really enjoyed learning how to round the numbers to the nearest tens and the nearest hundred because I found it interesting and willing to do more.


· Something I found hard was writing the words of the numbers and then writing the numbers of the words.

· Something that made me think was how to write the new number because where it says that I had to add 10 to 111 111 and that is where I got stuck.


· Something I want to get better at is writing the numbers and also adding or subtracting big numbers from big numbers.

What I can do about it is practice and  practice for extra homework each night.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My favourite site

For home work this week we had to review a site and I chose a maths game called Snowball fight. It is really fun and it also helps you on your times tables. To get to the site here is a LINK to the sight. You can chose what times tables you do. It really helps me in mine and I think it will help you on yours as well. What you do is just go onto the link, then you pick a level of X tables and then click on it and then you have to answer the question and if you get it right you get to throw a ball of snow at the other person but if you get it wrong the people behind the snow throw snowballs at you. Once you have done about 5 questions it will give you a rating about how you did by saying like you are a speedy snow fighter.

Here is a screen shot so you get an idea of what it is like.

If you go to the  LINK you can play Snowball Fight.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Autumn Leaves

Voice Recorder >>

                             By Hannah Hansen

                              The sun makes the leaves all crispy
and all wrinkled up like and old
raisin left in the sun.
                         The wind shakes the trees and make the leaves
fall off all over the ground
and the leaves make a mess everywhere.
                                          The colours that the leaves
come in are amazing,
Reds, Browns,
Oranges and Greens.

                                The trees shake and shake not stopping till
   the wind dies down.
                                   The leaves have just fallen off
    and now it is winter and
          the trees are now empty looking  like a skeleton.

WALT: observe and include specific details in our writing

Includes four nouns (from observation)
Made the nouns do something
Started each new description on a new line:)
Extended each line so it makes more sense
(may include a who, where, why, what, when).

This is my leaf that I made out of paper, die, leaves and coloured writing off the computer.
I really enjoyed making my leaf because I did it on the computer.
It was awesome making it and I am sure I will make another one sometime soon.
By Hannah Hansen

Friday, May 11, 2012

Millionaires Club Reading

This is what I have been reading and the book that I have been reading is Dork Diaries and it is a awesome series of books.
I suggest that you read them.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Monday Morning

It was the first day of the term, Holidays had just finished and it was a Monday morning.
I know that nearly everyone hates monday mornings and I agree with that. I woke up the first thing I saw was the wall and the first thing I felt was my blankets on my bed, as normal I was still thinking that it is the holidays all excited. Next thing I know my brother Liam starts running up and down the hallway. I said to myself “ Of course back to school today, well may as well get up and get dressed!” So I got up and went to my draws tripping over all the stuff I had left on the ground, finally I got to my draws. I opened my T-shirt draw and I looked everywhere but I couldn’t  find my school top so I went into my sisters draw and got one of her tops out without her knowing and I put it on, then I went into my shorts draw and under all my pants at the bottom was one of my skirts. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to wear one of my sisters skirts because they would be way too tight. Once I had got dressed I went out to the lounge and saw my dad and all his workmates talking and talking, not stopping. I had just sat down when my dad says “Go get your breakfast Moomoo ( my nickname).” That is when I figured out a trick. I just sat there and groaned and then my dad said “ Okay then you can sit here until your mother gets up.” So I did then straight away my mum got up and said that I had to go and get my breakfast so I got up and went and got my breakfast and then sat at the table and ate my cornflakes. Then I got up and went to pack my bag when my sister came out and asked me if I could go and get her breakfast for her and I said “ how can’t you get it “ But she just moaned and so I had to go and get it. I got her some cornflakes like me but she didn’t want them so she asked mum and mum made her a mousetrap with vegemite and cheese on bread. I finished off getting ready for school then got my schoolbag and started walking to school. As soon as I got outside it felt I was an ice-block in the freezer just starting to freeze. It was misty and cold outside and that is what made me not want walk to school. When I walked out the gate with my sister , my Aunt Silky pulled up the drive and asked if my cousins could walk to school with me. I said yes because I didn’t want to be rude, so my cousins walked to school with me and my sister as my brother got picked up by his friend that goes to the same school. As I was walking with my cousins I smelt something funny, it smelt like smoke but I couldn’t be sure so I yelled out to my cousins and said “ Come on girls, run as fast as you can.” By that point I had saw my friends behind me, and so I yelled  out to the girls  and said “ STOP, and wait for Courtney and Madison!” It was very hard to stop them because I and stopped and they kept on running up ahead. I ran after them and when I finally got to them I grabbed their straps on their bag but they were fighting ,trying to get away from me. After a while I let them go and I couldn’t walk with Courtney and Madison so I said to them that I will see them at school. So I did and that is how my day began.

                                                By Hannah Hansen

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alien Earth Base

Voice Recorder >>

This is my voice recorder that I did on Vocaroo. The book that I read was Alien Earth Base, it is a pick a path book where you can choose what you read and where you go. You should read it, it is a really good book for

Making Connections for Alien Earth Base.

P.3 You search all around, you can’t see your friends: T.S: I was in Coromandel walking with my friends when I stopped to do something and then I looked up and my friends had disappeared so I ran down to the beach where I found them.

P.22   Bit of glass flew everywhere and the whole room blows up:T.W: In different cities, on the news places are getting bombed.

P.11 They don’t believe you, nobody believes you: T.S sometimes when I say something people don’t believe me and what I say.

P.9 It looks like a control room of some sort filled with computers and flashing lights:T.S: At Parkvale School in room 20 and 19 they are digi classes and we all have our own netbooks.

P.31 You tell them your best jokes, but they don’t seem to be very happy T.S : Sometimes when my friends are sad I tell them my best jokes but sometimes it doesn't work.

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