Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Autumn Leaves

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                             By Hannah Hansen

                              The sun makes the leaves all crispy
and all wrinkled up like and old
raisin left in the sun.
                         The wind shakes the trees and make the leaves
fall off all over the ground
and the leaves make a mess everywhere.
                                          The colours that the leaves
come in are amazing,
Reds, Browns,
Oranges and Greens.

                                The trees shake and shake not stopping till
   the wind dies down.
                                   The leaves have just fallen off
    and now it is winter and
          the trees are now empty looking  like a skeleton.

WALT: observe and include specific details in our writing

Includes four nouns (from observation)
Made the nouns do something
Started each new description on a new line:)
Extended each line so it makes more sense
(may include a who, where, why, what, when).

This is my leaf that I made out of paper, die, leaves and coloured writing off the computer.
I really enjoyed making my leaf because I did it on the computer.
It was awesome making it and I am sure I will make another one sometime soon.
By Hannah Hansen


  1. Cool Poem Hannah
    I like the colours.
    What do you think is the best part of the poem?

  2. Cool poem Hannah!
    Was it hard to think of all those amazing lines?
    I like your picture you adding.


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