Thursday, September 26, 2013

Henna Hands

Imaan invited her mum to come into our class and do Henna on the girls hands. We all got different designs on our hands and they all look really cool. The reason that she came in is because in our class, we are learning about India. All the henna looked really cool. When she was putting it on us, the Henna paste was very cold. After it was put on us, we had to wait till it was dry. For me, it took about 1 and a half hours for it to dry and then for it to fall off. When the brown paste fell off, it went bright orange.
Here is an image of it when it was brown and wet.


  1. Wow Hannah!
    What a great post.
    Your hands look incredible.
    Imaan's mum is very talented at doing it, don't you think?
    It was a great day for us, and really exiting for the girls.
    Well done:)

  2. Awesome Hanz
    I like your henna hands
    I like how you put a photo
    Keep up the good work
    Well done!!

  3. Wow Hannah I love your henna hands. What was your favorite thing on your hand? I liked the flower. Keep up the good work Hannah

  4. Wow Hannah,
    Great post.
    Your Henna hands look amazing.
    I like how you explained what you do.
    Keep up the amazing work.
    Well done!

  5. Awesome work Hanz.
    I like how you put up a photo of you real henna on your hands.
    Well done.

  6. Wow your Henna hands look great.
    What is your favourite pattern on your hand?
    Keep it up.

  7. Very nice hannah!
    I really liked you henna hands post, i think it was really cool that you ACTUALLY got it on your hands.

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.


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