Monday, July 23, 2012

I miss you my family

Dear my family out there,

I have missed you so much you won’t believe it. I have been on the most amazing trips looking for my family or at least a friend but I have had bad luck and not found a single person . I have been on my train with the same logo as me where I nearly got hit by a moving thing in a place where the sign said factory this way. It was a big, dark, miserable  place. I was so scared I turned into a ball to protect myself. 10 minutes later I uncurled myself and everything was quiet and nothing was moving. “ I wish I had my family with me now.” I said in a sad, scared voice. “ Is anyone out there?” I screamed. But no one replied.

I was stuck in this dim, dark place where there were no lights and it was really scary. I didn’t know what to do. You are my only family and I would like to meet you again because I am getting lonely out in the woods, catching all the trains that go by and them taking me to places that I have no idea where they are but I just jump on train to train, hoping to find you or a friend but it has not worked. I am now starting to think that it was a dumb idea to run away from home. I want you back. You are my only family and I will never have another one like it.

I have been so lonely out here I want a friend or my family back. I can’t live another week without you. I am really lonely and scared out here. I have to be bored all day and not do anything because I have no friends. I love you and really want to see you again.

( P.S. If you get this letter please write back and tell me where you live because I can catch the next train to that place and we can be a family again. )

Here is a link to where I saw a video and then decided to write a letter to his long lost family. It is an awesome and funny video and I think you should watch it as well.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rotorua Adventures

On Thursday 19 of July 2012 my family went to Rotorua. The reason that we went to Rotorua is because my dad had a conference that he had to go to and it was on thursday and friday so we went with him. My sister Ruby, my brother Liam and me knew that my dad was going to Rotorua but it was a surprise in the morning for us kids that the whole family was going aswell. In the morning when it was about 6:15 we were all still sleeping but we didn’t know that mum and dad were already up and the night before my mum had been packing our bags when we were asleep. Once we had had breakfast in the morning we went to Rotorua. it took us about 3 hours to get there but it was worth it. On the first day when my dad was in his conference my family were trying to figure out what we were going to do because we wanted to save the really exciting stuff to do with my dad. Once we had decided what we're going to do we went to see some geysers. Sulphur Bay is a big bay full of geysers. One is called the Coffee Pot because when people use to bathe in it, it would stain their skin because it was so brown. Then we went to the Rotorua Museum ( Old bath house .)
It was all really interesting.First we went into a room to see a movie where the seats moved in the earthquake which was in the movie. After the movie we walked around the museum and saw heaps of different thing and we went up onto the roof where there was an amazing view.
We had a choice at one point to go underground or go up onto the roof and first we all chose to go onto the roof. We had to go down stairs to go down to underground and we had to go up stairs to go onto the roof.
In the end part of the museum there was a huge part of it that was all maori designs and Green stone necklaces or earrings. The whole museum was really interesting and I loved going there.
That night when we were finished at the museum we went and had dinner at a restaurant called Fat Dog. They have really good food there.

The next day that we were there my dads conference finished at lunchtime so we went to skyline. When we were on the Gondoliers we got my brother to take a picture of my mum, my dad, my sister and me.
When we got up the top the first thing we went on is the Sky Swing. It was going to be my dad, my brother and me but then my sister wanted to go on it so it was all us kids. I was the brave one out of all my family and I was the one that pulled the rope to release us. Out of all of us, my brother was the scariest and he is the oldest. Me and my sister really loved it and to go on it again but it was to expensive to go on it again.
Next we went on the luge and it was lots of fun. I went on it 2 times. The first time my family was around me and I went back on the chairlift with him but on the second time I went I went with no one around and I went back in the chairlift alone.
The next day we went to Rainbow Springs where we got to feed trout, see birds, see adult Tuatara and babies,see 3 kiwis and go on The Big Splash. The Big Splash is a ride that you go on and if you are at the front or at the back, you get soaked. I went on the ride 7 times and the ride was all free. The first 2 times I went to it I sat in the second row and the third time that I went on it I went in the front with my dad and when we went down the big drop my dad was leaning forward so we both got soaking wet. It was heaps of fun but after I was really cold. Where some of the Trout were, there was 2 swans and one of them kept biting our shoes. we also got to feed the trout.

On the second to last day that we were in Rotorua My mum brought me a Green Stone necklace that was the shape of a heart and I chose it. When we got home I had to pay my mum $20 because it costed $40 but me and my mum went halves.          

Moria de Villiers/ Homework

Room 20’s Weekly Homework
Week:1 Term:3

Night 1Night 2Night 3
Rocket Goal?7x 8x Tables7x 8x Tables7x 8x Tables

3Opposites 8

Title/ Author?
Author: Frances Duncan
Title:Toothpaste genie
A:Frances Duncan
T:Toothpaste Genie
A:Frances Duncan
T:Toothpaste Genie
Author:Frances Duncan

Title: Toothpaste Genie
How many
pages did 

Moira de Villiers

Moira de Villiers does Judo. She has made it into the London Olympics. She will represent New Zealand in judo at the London Olympics. Moira de Villiers was named to compete in the under 70kg class. She had to battle with a dislocated ring finger in the crucial semi-final round of the Commonwealth Championships early this year.
In spite of the pain, de Villiers, who had been accepted to the elite Olympic Training Centre in Paris, pushed on and won the event.
"It was sore but the adrenaline kept me going," she said. "It was about mental ability and toughness and I wanted it so badly." She is rated 18th on the Olympic ranking table. Originally from South Africa, de Villiers has been living on Auckland's North Shore since 2003.
She says as a non-funded athlete it's been tough achieving her Olympic dream.
"I work, train, sleep," she said.
"I miss my family."
New Zealand has sent 14 judo athletes, including five women, to Olympic Games.

This is Moria de Villiers doing a take down.

Moria de Villiers

This is Moria de Villiers doing an arm bar.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WALT Take samples and use them to predict


Maths Reflection

Something I was pleased with was that at the end, me and Natasha were only 1 off the real answer because we were estimating and we estimated right.

I really enjoyed learning Probability because it was really fun and we had to predict which I love doing.

Something I found hard was at first, thinking about words that describe Probability because I didn’t know what it is.

 Something that made me think was justifying why we predicted how many  Red, Yellow and Blue blocks there were in the bag.

 Something I want to get better at is Probability.
What can I do about it? I can work at it more in class.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Interviewing Jax off going after Humbug

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Character Hot Seat. Today we will be interviewing the star off Going after Humbug, JAX!!!

Q:How do you know that Humbug is the ariki of ducks?
A: Because he is the biggest duck I have ever seen. ( Josh )

Q:How did Seymour feel when he didn’t get to shoot Humbug?
A: He felt upset and angry because he really wanted to. (Tyler )

Q: What did you think when you saw Matua in his army clothes?
A: That we are going tramping or hunting. ( Courtney )

Q: How would of you felt if Humbug had got shot?
A:  Extremely sad for Humbug. ( Charlotte )

Q: How did you feel when Seymour picked up the gun to shoot Humbug?
A:I felt scared and sad for Humbug. ( Hannah )

Q: Why didn’t you want to shoot Humbug?
A: Because I’m a softy. ( Teva )

That was Character Hot Seat. Join us next week when we interview Josh from Buddy!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bunnies VS Evil Guinea

Bunnies VS Evil Guinea on Storybird

 Bunnies vs Evil Guinea

One day, in 1917, there was a girl named Hannah Hansen and she was sitting in the kitchen at the table eating her breakfast when something caught her eye in the corner of the kitchen. I was that girl.
“Ugh” I screamed. I yelled at the top of my lungs. “Get that thing out of here”. I was scared out of my skin. I crept closer and closer then I actually realized that it was a little Bunny Rabbit and then all of a sudden, I looked in another corner of the kitchen and there was a Guinea Pig. I looked all around the room and every time I would look somewhere there would be a little bunny appear. By this point I started to freak out, it was like a galaxy that I had appeared in just happened to be Bunny Planet. It was amazing but creepy at the same time.

The Bunnies started to talk to me and that was the most scariest thing. I let the Bunnies talk to me and this is what they said “Hi, we are the Bunnies and that is Evil Guinea. We hate him, he is trying to get rid of us and make him be the king of the world. This is our head Bunny, Flopsy.”

All of a sudden the bunnies started run after the Guinea Pig.
“ I HATE Bunnies!!!” shouted the Guinea Pig. The Bunnies and Evil Guinea were fighting and fighting in the middle of the battlefield. I was screaming STOP but the Bunnies and Evil Guinea kept their fight going and going.

Suddenly the Bunnies stopped, they were staring at Evil Guinea and asked him, “What is your favourite food?”
“ Well it is celery but I haven’t been able to find any celery anywhere.”
“ Haven’t you heard  that on the news there has been a celery storm in the Netherlands?”
“ Has there?”
“ Indeed there has and apparently it tastes really good.”
“ Oh no, I have to get over there fast before my brother gets there.”
“ How are you going to get there?” asked the Bunnies smartly.
“ Of course I am going on a boat”
“ Okay then see you there.”

The next thing you know Evil Guinea has disappeared and the Bunnies shout “Yeah, We have tricked him and now he is gone forever. Yay!”I just realized  there was one bunny missing and he had told the sailor to never come back to Netherlands and to leave any Evil Guinea Pig there.
By Hannah Hansen

Sunday, July 1, 2012

How many numbers can you make

Maths Problems

· Something I was pleased with was this maths section because I understood all the things that we were doing.

· I really enjoyed learning what numbers we can make with 1, 0, 2, 7, 8 and 4 because we got up to high numbers.

· Something I found hard was Problem 2 because I got confused when I was doing it.
· Something that made me think was what numbers could we make with 7 in the tenths place because there was a lot of them and I was trying to get them all but I didn’t get there.

· Something I want to get better at is using a pattern to figure out a questions.
          What can I do about it? I can practice for homework each night.

Mandy's Garden

This is my art that I did on Mandy's Garden which is a production that the juniors did and it is really cute. My sister is a worm in the production and they sing Wriggle Wriggles. The play is all about a girl named Mandy and she was playing with her ball when she hit a little flower. Mandy does not care about the flowers or insects but the flowers and insects don't like that so they try to change it. It has a really good bass line and I would love to see it again.

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