Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maps of Mountain Valley

 Map off Google Maps-
My map that I drew -

My teacher, Mr Moriarty gave everyone in the class a piece of A3 paper and said that we had to draw a map of Mountain Valley camp ground. We could either do it close up or far away and I chose far away. Next we had to draw the map in pencil then colour it in coloured pencil and out line it in vivid. After that we had to draw a compass and a key then do instructions how to get from one place to another using the compass. Then we did a title and glued it onto a piece of paper and put it up on the wall. I found it really fun to draw abut at first I thought it was going to be really hard but I was wrong.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My 3d shapes

A triangular prism has: 5 faces, 9 edges and  6 corners.
At school we had to make 3d shapes and I made a Triangular prism. All 3d shapes are made out of a net.

Whitewater Raftings

Day 3
Whitewater rafting!!!

Bang! The Raft hit the side of the bank. Bones was our instructor and he told us when to front paddle or back paddle, sometimes he told us to hold on when a UN-safe area. As we hit another bank I was not watching so it gave me a fright but the strong current took us away before I could realize. At the time I felt so lucky to be on the raft and have the opportunity to be able to go Whitewater rafting because then I could go home and tell my family about it then we might be able to go with my family. I was so excited that I was smiling the whole time. The first time we went through a rapid I felt a little bit up safe but after we went over some more I got use to it. “If you want you Polar Bears ( Our group name ) can jump out and hold onto the rope but first put your ores into the middle of the big fat tubes in front of you then feel free to jump out then hold onto the safety ropes on the side of the boat.” We all put our oars into the tubes then “ Splash, Bomb, Bang!”
We all bombed in and water went everywhere. We all had life jackets and a wetsuit on plus more warm clothing on as well each. We were all holding on to the rope on the side of the blow up, red and white huge boat.
“Everyone, hope back into the boat before the rapids come and we can’t find you.” All the Polar bears started trying to pull each other in. We all got into the raft just in time. “Right for, left back!” Screamed Bones. As we went through the rapid we were all spinning around and then when we crashed into the side of the bank we nearly tipped over. All of  a sudden the river went very calm and we didn’t have to paddle. Finally we stopped and had lunch then started to go further down the river and then we went around the corner we saw mike and the Chinchillas (another group name) doing wheelies on their raft and some of the children fell out and had to swim back to shore. It came to a end where we all had to hop out and lift the rafts onto the trailer and then go back to the campsite ( Mountain Valley) in a bus.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Seven ways to survive school.

Seven Ways to Survive School on Storybird

I really like this story bird because it shows me how to be a better friend, not to be shy and just get active. This story bird gives you 7 tips about school. For example, how to dress in school, how to talk to people and how to respect others.

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