Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fractions and Decimals

Reflection for Fractions and Decimals

· Something I was pleased with was that I understood decimals more than I thought I would because at first it was really confusing but I got it in the end.

· I really enjoyed learning decimals because they were very interesting and they had different ways to learn them

and they were really fun as well.

· Something I found hard was at the time that we were in room 21, it was confusing what Mrs Harvey was saying write the decimal for....

· Something that made me think was fractions because when we had to find the fraction in a number.

· Something I want to get better at is getting faster at decimals.

What can I do about it? I can practice on the decimal game that Mr Moriarty sent us.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Lorax

Last week we read the story of The Lorax. The Lorax book is all about a little monster and he is the guardian  of the Truffler trees which are funny tall trees. There is a man and he comes along and chops down
all the trees and the Lorax is the only person with a Truffler tree seed and so he gives it to this boy and he is relaying on him to make a forest of Truffler trees again. My teacher said that we had to do some art on the Lorax and we could make it how we liked and this is what I did.
This is my art that I did on The Lorax

Reflection on Maths time

Reflection for maths

· Something I was pleased with was that I got most of the answers that the whole class did because at first I only had all the easy answers but then I got most of them at the end.

· I really enjoyed learning rounding to the nearest hundred and rounding  to the nearest ten because I didn’t really get rounding but I got there in the end.


· Something I found hard was Problem 1 at first because I found it hard hard we had to round to 2000 in kms.
· Something that made me think was _ x _ = 360. The teacher gave us a clue that one of the numbers ended in zero (0). These are the answers that I came up with...

  1. 36x10=360
  2. 1x360=360
  3. 180x2=360
  4. 60x6=360
  5. 90x4=360


· Something I want to get better at is rounding.
What can I do about it? What I can do about it is practice, practice, practice makes perfect.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Voki

This is my Voki that I made on a site and it is a really cool site. If you click on the link you can make a voki like mine or different. Voki's are really fun to make and they are also so EASY!!! You don't have to pay any thing because it is a FREE site. It is so much fun that any one could do it. You can be an animal or a human and you can use some other voice or you can record your own voice. I recommend you check it out and make one.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Letter to V.M. Jones

Dear V.M. Jones

My name is Hannah and I really love your book Buddy and would love to read it again. This book must be the most AMAZING book I have ever read by far. I would recommend it to any child or adult asking if I had read any good books yours would be the first one I would say. Where did you get your inspiration from and how did it feel when you first finished the book? My favourite chapter in the book was The end of the race and the saddest chapter was The dream which I found a little scary in a way but good to know what happened to Jake. My favourite character is Splash the Kitten and Chantal. They are awesome characters but then I love all the characters.

When we started reading Buddy I never wanted to put it down but unfortunately I had to put it down because, because it was a class book and I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone. Would you be able to come to Parkvale School for a visit because that would be one of my dreams before I leave Parkvale in 2 years. That would be awesome and I am sure heaps of others in my class would love that as well.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reflection of term 2


My favourite in Reading has been The Butterfly Effect because I felt like I had some awesome questions in that post and I did the best that I could.

Something I have learnt is how to ask good questions. Here is a LINK to the post on my blog.

My next step is to start to read faster and not to just guess words when I am in a hurry to finish a book.


This is my favourite writing Here is a link to my favourite writing.

I am proud of this piece of writing because I made it the best that I could and I think that I did well. Here is a LINK to my writing I am most proud of.

I have learnt...

  • Punctuation
  • Form correct sentences

My next step is put in more punctuation in as I am writing.

I like my blog because it has awesome posts on it and I have put a lot of effort into it.

This is my favourite post  because I feel like I explained it well and said why it is important to have an avatar well enough for everyone to know why it is important to have an avatar.

I like commenting on blogs because this blog is very interesting and has lots of amazing posts on it.
This is my favourite comment. If you click on the LINK you can see my favourite comment on her blog.


This is my favourite maths because I felt like I did my best.

I am proud of was my maths test.

I have learnt...

  • Decimals
  • More about Fractions and to understand them better.

Something I find challenging is keeping up with all the year 6 children but I am coping.

My next step is to get faster at my working out.

This is my favourite art.

Something I have liked in our topic learning is about plastic and how we are effecting the world even more every day as we dump more and more rubbish on the ground. Click on the LINK to see my 2 posts on topic.

P.E. / Fitness
I like playing these games:

I learn and develop the skills of working with others and ball skills ( Catching and passing) by playing these games.

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Advertisement

At school I made a poster on Save The World, Don''t Litter. We got put into groups for topic which we had to make an poster on what group we were in. I got put into the group Plastic. My group came up with heaps of ideas and we wrote them on a big piece of paper then we had to try and make those ideas work. My poster is trying to convince people to stop littering.
This is what my poster looks like.

ToonDoo Homework Challenge #4

For this week homework challenge we had to make a ToonDoo. ToonDoo is a site that you can make like a comic sort of thing. They are really fun to make and I think you should make one as well, all you have to do is click on the link, then go to Sign Up for FREE, then click on Sign up for ToonDoo and then enter a user name, password and an email and then you can create a ToonDoo. I made a ToonDoo and you should check it out also my teacher made one and I think you should check his one out as well!!!

This is what mine looks like.


\This is a Tagxedo.

This is a Wordle.

Mixed Martial Arts Competition

On Sunday 10th June 2012, I entered a Mixed Martial Arts Competition. Mixed Martial Arts is a sort of fighting that we choke each other and we can break an arm but we have to tap out and the other person has to stop. The competition started at 10.00 in the morning for younger kids then after that it was my age groups turn. First we got split into 2 groups depending on what stage of the belts we were at.

This is what the belts look like and
this is what belt I am up to.

Once we were into our groups, we got started. How it went is there would be 2 of us and we would fight in each other in the middle of the mat and the first fight that you did was to see if you were going to go for 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I won my first fight which meant that I was going for 1st, 2nd or 3rd. My first fight was against a girl named Paige. I put an arm bar on her. My second fight was against a boy named Fisher that I lost to because the timer ran out and he got more points than me. Than my last fight was going for third and I won against a boy named Shaun which made me come third. In the end I came third and my whole family was proud of me and I felt like I showed PRIDE.

This is my medal close up
This is what my medal looks like.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why all children should have their own bedroom

Why all children should have their own room...

Dear Mum and Dad,

All children should have their own room because if some kids are tidy, their room will always be tidy, and if some kids are messy, their room will always be messy.

Reason number one, is that some kids are tidy and they share a room with someone messy, it makes them look messy and some kids have a chart for having a tidy room but they might not get a award for having a tidy room when they have reached it because of the other person being messy.

Reason number two is some kids don't get to sleep at night because of the other person and that is causing them to be misbehaved at school for their teachers which is not good because that sometimes makes the teacher MAD!!! (Never Good!!!)

The final reason to why all children should have their own room is that little kids can be very annoying when older people are trying to get to sleep and also when they are doing their homework in their bedroom and they are very ANNOYING. When that happens so please let all children have their own room.

So please mum and dad, when you are reading this, please let all children have their own room otherwise we will go CRAZY!!!(and we will never stop going CRAZY till we get our own room.)

Thanks lots
Hannah Hansen
Parkvale School
9 Years Old

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just like everyone else

Just like everyone else

Q: How would the kids understand Zoe?
A: They would have learnt sign language.

Q: Where could have Zoe learnt sign language?
A: Since she is deaf, her family and friends would have helped her learn sign language.

Q: Who can support Zoe since she is deaf?

  1. Her family
  2. Her friends
  3. Teacher
  4. Teacher Aids
  5. Classmates

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My List Poem

Hannah’s List Poem

Aged 9

Interactive whiteboard- Telling us all it knows so we know it.
Books-Jelis because they are not getting read but we are using the netbooks.
Chairs-Thinking, why are you sitting on me.
Posters-showing us how to do stuff and making it better.
Computers/Netbooks-Teaching us how to write, read and do maths.
Tables-Letting us lean on them and put stuff on them (looking all messy)
Artwork-Making our classroom look all pretty and letting us learn new stuff about art
Jungle Mural- Letting us make a movie of them and then entering it into a competition
Heater-Warming us up in the morning when it is freazing
Teacher-Telling us all he knows to make us better readers, writers and better at maths
Boys- Laughing and carrying on being boys and interrupting the teacher when he is teaching
Girls- Chatting away behind the teachers back when he is not talking but when he is listening very well and getting everything right
Monkeys- Swinging along in the tree and yapping along all day not stopping
Keyboards- Tap, tap tapping along with all the kids typing on them

Friday, June 8, 2012

Review of blogs Homework challenge 3

For homework this week, we had to do a review on a blog. My teacher said that we could only do up to three blogs and this is what I did.

The first blog that I chose was a girl named Rhiannon's blog because it has very interesting pieces of writing on it and I also love all the posts on her blog. When I grow up I would love to be able to write stories like her then put them onto my blog.
This is what it looks like when you first go onto her blog.

The second blog that I did was The Tree of Pride because it has a lot of amazing posts and also because you can see what my teacher and my class have been doing in the last past few terms and it will stay like that. I really like it because it has links to other blogs that other people can go and look at.

The third blog that I did today belongs to Felicity. Her  blog has some amazing posts on it and I have commented on heaps of them. My favourite post on her blog
Her is what it looks like.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

Where would Mrs Anderson sleep in the house? She slept in the attic.

Why might Aunty Sue not be able to look after the kids? Aunty Sue might be sick or she has gone away.

Who should tell Mrs Anderson that Emily's name is not Emma? Emily will just let Mrs Anderson Call her Emma.

How can the kids get out of carrying Mrs Anderson's bags? They will just have to do it.

Where can the kids hide away from doing the dishes? They can hide up in their room or in the cupboard.

Why should the kids do the dishes? Because they were told to.

When will the kids find out that their babysitter has turned into a butterfly? They will find out when they go into the room.

What can the kids do about the fact that their babysitter has turned into a cocoon?
They can keep it there until the parents come home and then tell them all about it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The incredible journey of Cutey the Container

Incredible Journey


Day 1:

Hi, my name is Cutey the Container and I am going to tell you how I got to the Pacific Rubbish Vortex because I want you help me get the message that all the people will start recycling not dumping trash on the ground.

I was sitting in the factory getting made with all the other containers but this was the problem, I was the last one in the row and and all the ones at the end always don’t get made properly because often there is not enough to be made so they get chucked away.

It was my turn to be made and lucky there was enough plastic to make me. That does not happen very often so I was very lucky to survive it. Back to the story, so I was sitting there waiting for something to be put into me then all of a sudden something picked me up and put me on this bigger table and then poured some watery stuff into me and it smelt like something rotten but I wasn’t sure. Something big a hairy put a hat or something like that onto my head and then the rotten stuff was stuck inside me. That is how my life began.

Day 2:

I woke up the next day and I was in a in a big dark room when I was sitting there wondering where I was when the whole room started moving. I thought to myself, hang on a minute if I am in a room moving, well is that what the hairy beasts talking about putting us into this dark room with no lights. I think  they called it the... I don’t know what they said but I think we should call it the container moving mobile. All of a sudden the place that I was in stopped. BANG!!! I could see light again, it was like a miracle had just appeared. I” could not believe my eyes! “Wow” Outside is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The next thing I know I was getting lifted up and put into a little mini car. I had no idea where I was and to me that was a scary thing. The cart started moving and then I got lifted up onto a shelf. Then the hairy beasts left me on this shelf and with all these other people around me with all my friends in the mini car. I felt pretty confused then all the people went away. I just sat there waiting and waiting until...

Day 3:

The next day there was way more people when all of a sudden another person picked me up and put me in there mini car and then drove away. That was a very sad part of my life because I really didn’t want to leave my friends but I decided that maybe where I was going was a better place than where I am at the moment. I went past this big scanner and then into a bag. The bag had a sign on it saying New World. Then I saw light again but this time I was at a house that I had never seen before, Then I got put into a house then into a  pantry. It was dim and dark in there  but the good thing about it was that I got to see all my friends again.

Day 4:

That was the day that I got eaten by another hairy beast. Now I was all alone with no rotten, slimy stuff inside me, in a way that felt kinda good in a way. I got thrown in the trash with some of my old friends of mine. It was great catching up with my old friends and I really wish I could stay with them but unfortunately I couldn’t because... “ AHHH” All of a sudden a big people mover picked up the trash and put it into a big truck filled with other rubbish then the  big truck tipped us out into a big hole called a landfill. The landfill stunk of rubbish and oil or gases. I hated that smell because it reminded me of when I was getting made because I don’t like being reminded of that because it always made me cry. “Boo Hoo Hoo” I cried. It was one of the most saddest moment in my life because I miss all my friends. I don’t know where all of them went but I really want to catch up with them one day soon. SMASH!!! We all got piled on by some others of my friends. Day by day, month by month, every day more and more rubbish got dumped into the landfill then all of  a sudden a huge gaze of wind, like a bowl of soup being stirred with a spoon, picked us all up and swooped us out to the ocean. While we were out in the ocean, we floated away over to the middle of the ocean where we found The Great Pacific Garbage Vortex. The Great Pacific Garbage Vortex is a huge pile of rubbish and plastic in the middle of the ocean and it is twice the size of Texas. People reading this story please beware of what you throw on the ground and please don’t litter.
People reading this story please beware of what you throw on the ground and please Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Friday, June 1, 2012

WALT Persuade Recycle Plastic

Dear Parkvale School,

Plastic should be recycled more often otherwise we will kill Native Animals and we will disturb the animals. We will also pollute the Earth and living creatures will die.

If we don’t save the Earth and we keep polluting the world will be a sad place because there will be no animals because they would have all died of being suffocated or of sickness from rubbish been polluted.

As we throw away this plastic it goes into a landfill or dump that most of it gets blown away into the sea where it is going into The Great Pacific Rubbish Vortex in the sea. The Great Pacific Rubbish Vortex is a huge pile of rubbish in the middle of the sea and it is twice the size of Texas and that should change by not making it bigger but not adding to it.

Instead of putting rubbish in the rubbish bin you can recycle stuff and make things needed around like a pencil holder to put your pens and pencils in. Once you have made a pencil holder you can decorate it with stuff like fabric and shapes or ribbon and if you are a girl ( like me,) you can put some sparkle on to it to make it look all girly.

Thanks lots!!!

By Hannah Hansen
Room 20 Year 5 Parkvale School
9  Years Old
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