Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

Where would Mrs Anderson sleep in the house? She slept in the attic.

Why might Aunty Sue not be able to look after the kids? Aunty Sue might be sick or she has gone away.

Who should tell Mrs Anderson that Emily's name is not Emma? Emily will just let Mrs Anderson Call her Emma.

How can the kids get out of carrying Mrs Anderson's bags? They will just have to do it.

Where can the kids hide away from doing the dishes? They can hide up in their room or in the cupboard.

Why should the kids do the dishes? Because they were told to.

When will the kids find out that their babysitter has turned into a butterfly? They will find out when they go into the room.

What can the kids do about the fact that their babysitter has turned into a cocoon?
They can keep it there until the parents come home and then tell them all about it.

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