Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moria de Villiers/ Homework

Room 20’s Weekly Homework
Week:1 Term:3

Night 1Night 2Night 3
Rocket Goal?7x 8x Tables7x 8x Tables7x 8x Tables

3Opposites 8

Title/ Author?
Author: Frances Duncan
Title:Toothpaste genie
A:Frances Duncan
T:Toothpaste Genie
A:Frances Duncan
T:Toothpaste Genie
Author:Frances Duncan

Title: Toothpaste Genie
How many
pages did 

Moira de Villiers

Moira de Villiers does Judo. She has made it into the London Olympics. She will represent New Zealand in judo at the London Olympics. Moira de Villiers was named to compete in the under 70kg class. She had to battle with a dislocated ring finger in the crucial semi-final round of the Commonwealth Championships early this year.
In spite of the pain, de Villiers, who had been accepted to the elite Olympic Training Centre in Paris, pushed on and won the event.
"It was sore but the adrenaline kept me going," she said. "It was about mental ability and toughness and I wanted it so badly." She is rated 18th on the Olympic ranking table. Originally from South Africa, de Villiers has been living on Auckland's North Shore since 2003.
She says as a non-funded athlete it's been tough achieving her Olympic dream.
"I work, train, sleep," she said.
"I miss my family."
New Zealand has sent 14 judo athletes, including five women, to Olympic Games.

This is Moria de Villiers doing a take down.

Moria de Villiers

This is Moria de Villiers doing an arm bar.


  1. Wow, great post Hannah!

    I did not know about Moria and it was interesting to find out about her through your post. I like how you added an audio podcast. It was very clear.

    1. Thanks Mr Moriarty
      I found her really interesting as well. One great place to do recording is at home or in a quite place. :)

  2. Wow Hanz.
    This is an awesome post.
    I can understand why you chose her because you do the same sport as her. I can see that you take a lot of PRIDE in your HW.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Flossie
      Your right, I do do something like it and I really enjoy it. I have finally got my red belt and I am so proud of myself. Thanks :)

  3. Wow Hanz.
    I think Moria de Villiers is an amazing athlete, you were away and you still did homework that is great. I hope I see you back at school on Monday Hanz.

    1. Thanks Pazza!
      I think Moria de Villiers is a awesome athlete as well. Thanks :)

  4. Cool Hannah I like that post it so cool.

    1. Thanks Amz.
      What do you like best about it?

  5. Cool Hannah!
    She looks like she is really good at Judo. I like how you put your doc on your post too. Well done:)

  6. WOW Well Done Hannah!
    she looks like someone that would be super cool to do your homework on I just have one question did you chose to do karate because of Moira de Villiers or did you just start to beat up your brother :) this is another job well done Please I would love to read more about Moira de Villiers you and I could maybe do an a simeant oh her again Well Done you should be so proud of this


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