Monday, July 9, 2012

Interviewing Jax off going after Humbug

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Character Hot Seat. Today we will be interviewing the star off Going after Humbug, JAX!!!

Q:How do you know that Humbug is the ariki of ducks?
A: Because he is the biggest duck I have ever seen. ( Josh )

Q:How did Seymour feel when he didn’t get to shoot Humbug?
A: He felt upset and angry because he really wanted to. (Tyler )

Q: What did you think when you saw Matua in his army clothes?
A: That we are going tramping or hunting. ( Courtney )

Q: How would of you felt if Humbug had got shot?
A:  Extremely sad for Humbug. ( Charlotte )

Q: How did you feel when Seymour picked up the gun to shoot Humbug?
A:I felt scared and sad for Humbug. ( Hannah )

Q: Why didn’t you want to shoot Humbug?
A: Because I’m a softy. ( Teva )

That was Character Hot Seat. Join us next week when we interview Josh from Buddy!


  1. Cool Hannah

    I really like the post, I think we came up with some great questions. The video is really funny.

    Courtney :)

    1. Thanks Courts,
      the questions were really good. Well done all the Storm Troopers. :)

  2. Awesome Hannah! This is a great post! I never thought of putting it on my blog!I like how you put the words as well as the video. Your are very good at your blogging.Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Charlotte.
      I really like blogging. I loved The video. Did you? Thanks :)

  3. Hi there,

    My name is Viktor Allen. I wrote Going After Humbug. (My apologies, I don't have a google account or any of the other accounts listed below. So I have posted as 'anonymous')

    A friend of mine stumbled across your blog online and sent me the web address. I just wanted to say thanks for reading about Jax, Seymour, Matua, Snicker and of course, Humbug! The questions you guys asked are fantastic!

    You're so right too - Jax is a softy. He's never wanted to hurt anybody. Seymour has never wanted to hurt anyone either. He was more excited about firing Matua's gun - and he got even more excited when he got to snap pictures!

    But the real excitement they both felt was when their Dad answered their text message. Afghanistan is an entire world away from New Zealand. To know their Dad received their message, means everything. I think that was part of Matua's plan - to introduce them to Humbug and make them understand their family have a long relationship with Humbug's family.

    I'm so pleased to know you guys enjoyed this story. Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts online.

    All the very best, Viktor :-)

    1. Thanks so much Viktor!
      I really enjoyed the book and I will like to read it again. I am so happy that you could comment on my blog and I loved doing the Character Hot Seat on your book. It was loads of fun. What is your favourite part in the book? :)

  4. Good morning Hannah,

    Great to hear from you. There are two favourite parts to Humbug's story that I enjoyed writing;

    1) The opening, when Matua storms into Jax and Seymour's bedroom and wakes them up. Matua is so abrupt ('Get up you're burning daylight!') but he wants to take his grandsons on a journey, an adventure - one that keeps the boys (and hopefully the readers!) guessing. The opening sets the story up really well.

    2) My other favourite part was when Matua tells the boys the story of Humbug's family and how they became a part of their family. In the original version I wrote it included some facts about the chocolate labrador, Snicker and how he's named after Snicker bars (Matua's favourite chocolate bar). However, I think in the final version you have read that part was edited out.

    Going After Humbug was originally written as a script for an animated movie. I adapted it from my script as a children's story for the school journal. Perhaps one day it'll be made into a movie. Fingers crossed!

    You and your class have a great day! Viktor

    1. Good morning Viktor.
      It is good to hear from you. I think it is really funny that Snickers was named after the Snicker bars. My favourite part is when Matua wakes the boys up in the morning. That is a really cool bit. Have a great day! I love your book. Hannah :)

  5. We all agree that it is a very cool story. How cool that the author wrote back to you! We hope Humbug survives the duck shooting season! From room 4 Waihopai School Invercargill :)

    1. Thanks Room 4
      It was so nice to get your comment.
      I think it is a great book as well.
      I wasn't expecting the author to write me a comment.
      It was awesome.


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