Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WALT Take samples and use them to predict


Maths Reflection

Something I was pleased with was that at the end, me and Natasha were only 1 off the real answer because we were estimating and we estimated right.

I really enjoyed learning Probability because it was really fun and we had to predict which I love doing.

Something I found hard was at first, thinking about words that describe Probability because I didn’t know what it is.

 Something that made me think was justifying why we predicted how many  Red, Yellow and Blue blocks there were in the bag.

 Something I want to get better at is Probability.
What can I do about it? I can work at it more in class.


  1. Awesome Hannah.
    Your voice is so clear and very easy to understand.
    I like the Tagxedo as well.
    Your reflection is really cool and it is similar to mine.
    WELL DONE HANNAH, keep up the great work:)

  2. I really like your work it is really cool Hannah.
    I like the way you added a voice recorder.
    Well done and keep up the good work you are doing really well.

    From Casey:)

  3. Awesome Hannah!
    I like your reflection and the picture is cool too. I really enjoined that lesson it was fun. Well done:)

  4. Wow Hannah.
    Your Maths Reflection is great, I think if you keep on working on probability in class you will be very good at probability.

  5. Great reflections Hannah. I like how how you put on a tagxedo on it. Do you like maths?

  6. That a really cool maths reflection I like how you have a voice and a tagxedo.

  7. Cool Hannah! I like your reflection of Predicting. I agree that justifying how many blocks were in the bag was a bit hard but then it got easier.


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