Monday, August 27, 2012

Smurf Olympics

At school we got set a task and it was that we had to make a Comic life on some photos that we got sent on the Olympic but they were of the Smurfs doing the Olympics. This is what I created. Enjoy!!!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Greek Olympic Vases

This week at school we have been creating art on Greek Olympic Vases. My story was based on Valerie Adams at this Olympics. We got the idea from the little kids in Room 5.

Valerie Adams has just thrown and she got just over 20 metres. Now it is Nadzeya Ostapchuk is about to throw. She has thrown over Valerie Adams. Nadzeya Ostapchuk is awarded a gold medal. The next thing that you know Valerie Adams has got the gold medal because Nadzeya Ostapchuk was on drugs.

Here is my art that I created.  

Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

White Pine Bush and Lake Tautira

Renee and my plant that we planted together.

One of the Plants that one of us planted.
Half of the group that went on the trip.
On the 6th of August, 2012, some seniors got chosen to go to White Pine Bush and Lake Tautira to learn about nature and to plant some little plants. We all got chosen by the teacher and he chose us for a reason. While we were at White Pine Bush, the people that worked there, they asked us lots of questions and gave us lots of information on trees and nature.

Here are some pictures on our special trip.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shadow Goblins

In the middle of the night, when all the people and children are asleep, outcome the shadow goblins. They are all different shapes and sizes. If you wake up in the middle of the night when you go to get a drink, there will be a Shadow goblin in the shadow of your body. At 1 o'clock in the morning, the shadow goblins move onto the sheep in the paddock. When they are asleep, the shadow goblins change the shadows like, if you are a human, when you wake up you might have a sheep shadow and the sheep will have a human shadow. If you dream about cute little puppy dogs, the next night, if you dream about little puppy dogs again, they will turn evil and come after you in real life. If you dream spooky things, they will turn all nice. The creature that does that is called the DREAM SHIFTER. If you get your dream changed, you will be able to see ghost and zombies for the rest of your life so BEWARE.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Hello, I’m Hannah Hansen and I will be your news reporter for the night. Well, tonight is the big night. It is the night that the London Olympics games opening ceremony 2012 set the screen and make people go CRAZY. Tonight we have lots on. Hope your ready and set for mixed emotions.

Right now, you are watching the Olympics live in London. It is really exciting here and it is also really noisy with people screaming to encourage others and their team mates. I am starting to feel nervous myself. Soon I will be talking to a swimmer from Sri Lanka and he thinks he has it under control.

"Hi, i’m a swimmer and today at the London Olympics, I will be representing Sri Lanka. I am really stoked at the amount of people here. I am feeling that I have got it all under control and I think that the rest of my Sri Lankan team has it all under control as well. " As he said.

Wow! The crowd is going louder and louder, they are all looking up. My, oh my, that is a really big parachute coming down into the stadium. It is Queen Elizabeth, and coming down after her is, who is it? Oh it is James Bond.

I never thought I would see her parachute out of a helicopter. BANG, CRASH!!! All the fireworks went off in a hurry. Fireworks after fireworks after fireworks. More and more came heavily. They were the most amazing fireworks I have ever seen. They were all different colours. As everyone look up Queen Elizabeth starts to talk. “ I declare the Olympic games to start.” she said. Everyone started to scream and shout. After the Queen had finished her speech, all the people in the stadium heard fireworks. The Olympic Games started!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sri Lanka Research

Sri Lanka

1. On Sri Lanka’s flag the colours and symbols mean,

  • The lion in the flag represents the Sinhala race.
  • The sword of the lion represents the royal family of the country.
  • The handle of the sword highlights the elements of water, fire, air and earth.
  • The vertical stripe of orange represent the national Tamil race and the green vertical stripe       means the national Muslim race.

2. The language that the people speak in Sri Lanka is Sinhala.

3. There are 21,513,990 people living in Sri Lanka in 2012.

4. Sri Lanka is next to Asia. It is really small on the map when you look at the difference to Asia next to it.

5. Sri Lanka is the world’s largest tea exporters.

6. Sri Lanka's national flag is known to be one of the oldest flags in the world.

7. The spice cinnamon originated in Sri Lanka and was discovered by the Egyptians.

8. The most common meal in Sri Lanka is a spicy curry served with rice.

9. There are Pyramids in Sri Lanka.


10. Sri Lanka is an island country in the northern Indian Ocean.

11. Parts of Sri Lanka were badly damaged in the 2004 earthquake under the sea. Sri lanka was     the second worst hit but first was Indonesia. 35,000 people were killed in Sri Lanka.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Koru art

This week at school, we have been making art to represent Maori week. We made some art using Koru  and we could chose what design we did and we made it. We had to have a koru in the foreground and one in the background. It was really fun to do because we could draw our design and we could do our own colours. This is the art that I made.

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