Monday, August 27, 2012

Smurf Olympics

At school we got set a task and it was that we had to make a Comic life on some photos that we got sent on the Olympic but they were of the Smurfs doing the Olympics. This is what I created. Enjoy!!!



  1. Cool Hannnah. I love your comic. My ` favourite sport in the Olympic is high jump. What is your favourite sport in the Olympics?

  2. AWESOME Hannah!
    I love your Smurf comic.
    I love how you put the name
    of what they are doing.
    Keep up the WONDERFUL work Hannah:)

  3. Good job Hannah.
    My favourite one is the weightlifting one.
    Which is yours?
    Awesome Hannah,
    From Brody.

  4. Awesome Hannah!
    I really love your Smurf comics!
    I also like the last one with the picture of all the smurf sports and how it says 'Smurf Olympics!' and how it has 2012 in dog prints.

    From Kazza :c)

  5. WOW! Hannah. You have put up some interesting pics on your blog.

  6. Very funny!! Had me laughing.
    It would be funny if the people who created the Smurfs made a DVD about the Smurf Olympics, wouldn't it?
    Your post could inspire them, you just never know.

    Keep up the awesome work, Hannah!!!



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