Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Koru art

This week at school, we have been making art to represent Maori week. We made some art using Koru  and we could chose what design we did and we made it. We had to have a koru in the foreground and one in the background. It was really fun to do because we could draw our design and we could do our own colours. This is the art that I made.


  1. Cool Hannah.
    Yellow and Purple look awesome together.
    And it's also cool that you put Mr M's one on too.
    From Brody.

  2. Awesome art Hanz.
    I really like the colours that you chose.
    YELLOW and PURPLE are great together.
    What did you most enjoy about the KORU ART?

  3. Cool Hannah

    I like how you said that we needed one a Koru in the foreground and one in the background. I also like how you said that we have been making art to represents Maori week.

    Courtney :)

  4. Awesome Hanz.

    I really like your colours, they stand out really well together.
    Why did you choose purple and yellow for your colours?

  5. Wow Hannah!! I love your art. It is very colourful. The yellow really stands out with purple. I also like how you died the words. WELL DONE! :c)

  6. Cool Hannah!
    I like your colours and patterns on your Koru!
    I also like the words that you have put into your Koru art!
    What was your favourite part of drawing?

  7. Hi Hannah,
    I absolutely LOVE your koru artwork! They are both so eye-catching and the purple and yellow work so well together - bold and vibrant. If you still have them I would love for you to visit me in Room 11 and show me. FANTASTIC!

  8. Hey Hannah

    Your koru art is outstanding.
    All of them have a special technique to it.


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