Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Voki

This is my Voki that I made on a site and it is a really cool site. If you click on the link you can make a voki like mine or different. Voki's are really fun to make and they are also so EASY!!! You don't have to pay any thing because it is a FREE site. It is so much fun that any one could do it. You can be an animal or a human and you can use some other voice or you can record your own voice. I recommend you check it out and make one.


  1. I love it Hannah! I like how there is ice in the back round. What made you choose a wolf? Are you going to make any more?

  2. Thanks Kharn,
    I will have a go on making another some time and the reason that I chose a wolf is because I thought it looked really cute and I love animals. Thanks :)


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