Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alien Earth Base

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This is my voice recorder that I did on Vocaroo. The book that I read was Alien Earth Base, it is a pick a path book where you can choose what you read and where you go. You should read it, it is a really good book for

Making Connections for Alien Earth Base.

P.3 You search all around, you can’t see your friends: T.S: I was in Coromandel walking with my friends when I stopped to do something and then I looked up and my friends had disappeared so I ran down to the beach where I found them.

P.22   Bit of glass flew everywhere and the whole room blows up:T.W: In different cities, on the news places are getting bombed.

P.11 They don’t believe you, nobody believes you: T.S sometimes when I say something people don’t believe me and what I say.

P.9 It looks like a control room of some sort filled with computers and flashing lights:T.S: At Parkvale School in room 20 and 19 they are digi classes and we all have our own netbooks.

P.31 You tell them your best jokes, but they don’t seem to be very happy T.S : Sometimes when my friends are sad I tell them my best jokes but sometimes it doesn't work.

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  1. Awesome connections, Hannah.

    You really explain them well and your voice is very clear.


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