Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Centripetal Force Experiment

Hypothesis: I predict that the water is going to stick to the back of the bucket. I think that when I start to spin faster and faster the bucket will get heavier because the air will be slowing the bucket and I down and that way the bucket will get heavier. 

Variables we must control: Variables Control Liquid, Each bucket filled to the second mark to ensure that they have the same amount of water. Speed, We all need to spin around about the same speed or the water will fall out if you are going to slow. Position, You need to make sure that the bucket is not facing down to the ground. Technique, Everyone needs to start and finish the same. We all need to spin the same way. 

1. Get a bucket and fill it to the second mark
2. Hold the bucket in front of you with your fingers under the rim of the bucket.
3. Start to spin nice and slow then get faster and faster
4. Watch and see what the water is doing
5. That is called Centripetal Force.

Results: My prediction was right that the water was going to stick to the back of the bucket and I was right that it was going to get heavier and heavier. All the water stayed in the bucket but when you started to slow down the water wanted to keep spinning around so there were spillages at the end. Gravity didn’t work because I thought that when we were slowing down the water was going to fall out but it didn’t. The Centripetal Force pushed the water to the back of the bucket.

Don't fall on my head water!

I am getting dizzy!

It is working!

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