Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ninja Python

Ninja Python
By Lily and Hannah.

The Ninja Python is the most terrifying creature of them all. Watch out because they have Ninja stars that come out if their mouth which will chop off your head. The Ninja Python is quite rare but furious. Do you know how to defend your self from one? Read on to find out facts about them and learn how to defend yourself.

Why is this creature so terrifying?
This Ninja Python is terrifying because it has eight eyes in the back of its head so do not try to follow one. They have ninja stars growing down their spine and they rip one out when they want to throw one at you. The stars grow back as soon as they are removed from their body. The ninja python is able to jump up off the ground and wrap itself around your neck and strangle you to death.  If you dare to go through their territory they will
If you are walking through the Ninja City, under trees, they might attack you from above. They have the skills of a black belt in being a Ninja and they are not scared to attach you. They are able to change colours to blend in with their surrounding. They can shoot acid from their mouth and burn down your house.

What damage can they do?
First to start off with they can kill you. They can chop off your head, strangle you to death and throw ninja stars at you head. They can knock down your house by shooting their acid.

Humans, Fruit, Dirt , Zombie Pigs, Demon Leopard, Giant Lobsters , Ninja Hot Dogs and Egg Salad. Their favourite food is Zebra Hearts and Zebra Eyeballs.


Now that you know how terrifying these creatures are , don’t go any where near them or they will slice your head off.

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