Thursday, November 7, 2013


Over the last past week I have been designing a mathletics poster for maths. I have just finished and I think that it looks pretty cool. I am going to enter it in a competition with all of the other childrens designs.
Hope you like it!
Please comment.

Reflection for Mathletics
Something I was pleased with was that my design went well because I didn’t do that much mistakes.                        
I really enjoyed learning how to draw different designs because some of them I have never done before.                

Something I found hard was drawing the circle in vivid because the vivid didn’t fit in the compass.
Something that made me think was what design was going to do for my final design because I wanted it to look really cool.              
Something I want to get better at is not making big blobs in the middle of my design when I can’t draw the circles.
What can I do about it? Find a different way to get the vivid in the compass.

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