Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Submarine or Boat

Boat or Submarine  
Scientists: Hannah and Olivia

Question/Goal/ problem
What shape of container will hold the most weight ?

Hypothesis (The shape I have chosen and why I think it is the best shape)
Olivia and I have chosen a pan shape because we think that if it is spread out it will float better and we can fit heaps in it.

Container filled with water, modelling clay, old coins

Method (What I did)
Create a boat out of modelling clay.
Fill the container with water.
Place the boat carefully onto the water so it floats.
One at a time , put coins carefully into the boat . Count how many coins are in the boat before it sinks.
Observation/ Analyse (What happened and why I think it happened)
Our creation floated and carried seven coins because it was spread out and light. It was also big so it could carry more coins.

Conclusion  (What I discovered about floating/ sinking )

I found out the a piece of paper could float and carry 5 coins because when Mr Ford put the coins in the middle it was pushing the middle down and making the sides float.


  1. Nice work Hannah That was amazing work.
    You even Interested me about the clear reading for the reader That is what I liked.
    keep up the good work. (:|

  2. Fantastic Hannah!
    Great work.
    Your hypothesis is great.
    Keep up the good work.
    Well done:)

  3. Wow Hannah!
    What a fantastic observation you and Olivia have found out.
    Including the hypothesis.
    I like how you have said that Mr Fords paper boat could hold five coins.
    That was actually incredible, wasn't it.
    Did you enjoy that experiment?
    Well done:)


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