Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Does air have weight?

Does air have weight experiment

  • Ruler
  • Table
  • Person to Karate chop
  • 2 pieces of News paper

I think that air has no weight because we can’t feel it on us and if you are looking at some scales with nothing but air on it, the scales say it weighs nothing.

What happened:
When Ollie Karate chopped the ruler and it went flying. Mr M scrunched up a piece of newspaper and put it on the end of the ruler which is on the table then Ollie Karate chopped it again. The paper went flying and the ruler went not so far. Next we put the paper on the the ruler flat with no air under it then Ollie karate chopped the ruler and the ruler snapped because of the weight of the air pushing on the paper.

We tried it again and no one could snap it apart from Mr Moriarty. When we had all tried Mr Moriarty decided that he would have a go so we made the paper nice and flat with no air under the paper and the ruler was more than half on the table. Mr Moriarty karate chopped it and the ruler snapped! We were all so excited. "Just a little bit of blood." Mr M said.
I was wrong after all:-(

I still think that the ruler is going to go flying


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  1. Awesome work Hannah.
    I like how you put in a tagul, it is awesome.
    Great writing.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Wow Hannah!
    What a great prediction.
    I like the Tagul.
    It's color really stands out.
    You are really good at using other tools for your posts.
    The photo is a great photo and is really explaining what the equipment we had was.
    Well done:)

  3. Great science Hannah.
    Great start with the prediction.
    I like how you put in the explanation.
    It tells a lot of the air experiment.
    Well done.

  4. Great science post Hannah,
    Its cool how you have explained what happen in the experiment.
    Awesome work Hannah, Keep it up.


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