Monday, March 4, 2013

Reflection for Maths and my Showme

Reflection for Maths

In maths yesterday we had to add up the points for the swimming sports. 1st place was worth 10 points, 2nd was worth 7 points, 3rd was worth 5 points and for

· Something I was pleased with was that I only got 1 answer wrong when we were adding up the points but I fixed it up at the end because we all went through them and were finding out what was the right answer.

· I really enjoyed doing the times tables above 12 because they were quite challenging we had to use a different strategy to work them out.

· Something I found hard was keeping up with the numbers of where each house came and then working them out.
· Something that made me think was my times tables above 12 because I don’t know them that well.

· Something I want to get better at is my times tables above 12.

         Something I  can do about it is work on them at home and not just do my times tables up to 12, I will do them above 12.


  1. I really like your ShowMe, Hannah. You explain your working out very clearly.

  2. Hi Hannah

    Great to see how precise and thoughtful your reflections have been. Top work

  3. Very precise Hannah.
    Remember when recording if you write 7 with a little 2 above it makes it an exponent - meaning 7 squared.
    My challenge to you is to create a show me where you don't rely on place value as a strategy for addition. See what you come up with - my money on your success!
    Cheers Ro


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