Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Taonga

Challenge Tree
Things that are special to my family

Two things that are special to my family are a belt and three medals. It is my Dad's grandfather on my Nana’s side of the family. His name is Norman Godkin.

Norman was in World War 1 and was a prisoner of war. He ripped the belt off a train seat and sewed the buttons he had collected. The buttons and badges were from other soldiers. Many are from different countries and many are from soldiers that died. There is also a bullet on his belt which came out of his leg. Here are some photo's of the belt and the badges.

Hannah's Taonga from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.


  1. Awesome Hannah
    Your Family treasure is awesome
    I really like that belt.

  2. Whoa those metals look amazing.They look so real and I like the belt.Your family Tonga is fantastic.well done

  3. Wow Hannah I think your family treasure looks very awesome ;)

  4. Wow Hannah your family Tonga must be really special, and really interesting!

  5. Thanks all of you!
    The family Taonga is really special to us.
    when we are older my brother or I might have it.

  6. I like the badges and the stolen ones, your gran dad must have been a great soldier in the war. Keep up the great work !!!


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