Friday, March 1, 2013

Eddie The Otter Who Can Play Basketball

Eddie The Sea Otter Who Knows How To Play Basketball

Eddie is a sea otter who now lives in Oregon Zoo. He was rescued for the California coast. he was brought to Oregon Zoo because he was unable to live in the ocean by himself. Eddie  has arthritis in his lower elbows and the only way to make it stop getting worse is to exercise it and keep it moving.  He got trained to play basketball. He learnt really fast. Eddie nearly never misses. If he does miss he keeps trying till he gets it in. Eddie was training in the first week when he got his first shoot. He only learnt a little while ago not when he was a pup. He is nearly 16 years old.

Here is the link off where I did it from.


  1. Wow Hannah you have added alot of information about Eddie the sea otter. I wonder why he could not survive in the wild by him self?
    Keep up the awesome work.

  2. I like how you have added the photo onto the blogpost.
    well done:-)

  3. Awesome Hanz.
    I love how you made this a blogspot.
    Eddie the otter is very talented, isn't he?


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