Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Grumpy Millionaire Connections

In our reading group, The Avengers we have been working on connections. This is what I created with the book The Grumpy Millionaire.

My Connection:
Text to:
It looked 100 years old. The paint was peeling. Faded curtains were drawn across the dark, dirty windows.
This part reminds me of a movie called The Monster House.
Text to Text
Inside the room was dark and the air had an old dusty smell.
When I go into my dad’s ute it smells all dusty.
Text to Self
But instead of hitting the ball towards Mr Grabalott’s house, the bat cracked.
I was watching a program and a man snapped a baseball bat.
Text to World
Low branches
Pg: 7
This reminds me of when I hit my head on a low branch when me and my family were going for a walk.
Text to Self
Then stick them up in shop windows.
I had to put flyers in the windows of shops for my mum’s work.
Text to Self

With these connections, I chose one and then made a poster. This is my poster!


  1. Awesome Hannah your text to text making connections is really cool

    Well done

  2. Fantastic post, Hannah!

    I like how you have included your connections table and your poster.


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