Monday, April 8, 2013

My Ipod Poem

My Ipod By Hannah Hansen
I have always been delighted.
When I was 9 I bought myself an Ipod.
I love it to pieces.

Any technology that I get
has never had anything wrong that needs repairing.
Unlike my brother.

I always create awesome homework on my ipod
and play games on it in the weekend.
I will take my ipod wherever I go and take photos.

   If I am lying in bed at night
and my ipod goes DING
and the light shines up
I will get up and see what it is that wants me.

I have always wanted a cool case
with a flip over case to protect the screen.
But unfortunately
I don’t have a fancy case like that.

When my ipod goes flat
I just look at it like I am so mad
but it always does nothing about it.
So I go and put it on charge and it turns back on again.



  1. Nice clear voice Hannah I like how you talked about the case and that you take it everywhere we go.
    Keep up the nice cool work :)

  2. Cool Hannah!
    WOW your iPod has never had to be fixed like you brothers.
    Mine hasn't needed to be fixed before ether.
    You voice is nice and clear Hannah.
    Well done keep up the FANTASTIC work Hanz:)

    1. That is my favourite part of the poem too, Charlotte and Hannah :)

  3. I like the colours!


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