Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Remember that time when we were running around on the beautiful hot green grass.That was summer.

Remember running on the hot concrete with your feet burning.That was summer.

Have you ever got your foot stuck while climbing a tree that you have been trying to climb for ages? That was summer.

Remember that time when you were on the way to the beach and there was dust coming from every where you could see.That was summer.

You know all those mozzies that bit you when you were camping. That was summer.

You know when you are trying to sun bathe and all you can hear is cicadas,flies and the wind.That was summer.

Remember when you were so hot and you were not allowed to go for a swim so you sat under the air-con.That was summer.

Remember when you were playing on the play ground and you got heaps of mozzie bites and you were so itchy.That was summer.
Remember that time when you were walking down to the dairy to get a chocolate ice-cream
and it melted the whole way home.That was summer.
Remember sliding down the sand dunes getting sand all in your togs and getting sizzled by the scorching hot sun then going home with the car seat rubbing on your sun burn.That was summer.
Remember going camping and the day you get there the weather is awesome but all the other days are bad weather and you are laying on the couch saying "I’m bored, can I go out side.”
That was summer.


  1. I can feel the sand and the sunburn! Good use of your senses, Hannah.

  2. Wow this is amazing, I can really connect to it.

  3. Hi Hannah, I loved this piece of writing. I was able to think back to when I was your age (not that long ago...) and remember eating ice cream on a hot day from the dairy. You made me feel itchy talking about the mozzies! I enjoyed having Ruby in Room 4 on Tuesday. Don't forget to come and see me on a Monday after school in Room 4 when you pick up Ruby. Cheers Mrs Miller

    1. Okay Mrs Miller.Has Ruby been good at school.

  4. Cool Hannah I love the story.

  5. Nice work Hannah! This is exactly what Summer is for our family...except...
    Remember your tired muscles as you reeled in that huge snapper? THAT was Summer!!
    I'm proud of this piece of work Mu. Well done. ♥Mum

  6. And remember the time that one of the pott,s almost got pulled out of the Kyack by a kingfish?? THAT WAS SUMMER!!
    Great Job Hanny Emma loves your back ground.X

    1. I like my background too.
      It sure was funny when mum or dad told me.
      How was Emma's birthday party and the cakes looked so nice.
      What flavor was the cakes!


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