Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where in the world?

Where in the world?
All pictures from GeoGuessr.com

Zap! Where am I? I have been transported into a place that I have no idea where it is. All around me are trees and a road. I can see a barn, shed looking thing as well. I am standing in the middle of the road thinking, where I should go?. I am in bare feet and the hot sun is shining down on the road so my feet are burning. I pull out my phone, out of my pocket and I search up where I am. I am guessing South America, maybe Australia. Wrong! It was in France. I was 10318 kilometres wrong. Think of it on the bright side, I still got 446 points.

Zap! I wish that they would stop zapping me into different places or they would at least tell me where they are putting me before I go. All that I can see around me is road and grass but the grass is covered in some concrete looking stuff. Wow! That car was going really fast down that road. I can tell that was speeding. I try to make the next car stop to ask them where I am but they don’t stop. They just speed on past. How rude, I think to myself. The countdown has started and I am going to have to guess where I am.  I pull out my map on my phone and take a guess. I am guessing that I am in North America. Close! I say to myself. I was 3179 kilometres away. Still, I got 1768 points! The real answer was in Mexico.

BAM! I have been teleported into another place but I kind of like this one because it is really beautiful with all of the gardens and the sight that I can see of the ocean. I wish that I could stay here but the time is ticking and I think that I should get a move on. I start to look around then I start to think that I am somewhere like India. That is where I am going to guess. I pull out my map on my phone and I type in India. I was 4518 kilometres away from the correct answer. Still, I got 1551 points away.

I have been transported to another world, again. I am really getting sick of this whole transporting stuff and I really wish that it would stop. I scan the environment and I can see countryside and a road. Suddenly a little idea pops into my head and I think that I should follow the road. But then I think that I will never find the end of this road so I sit down on the side of the road and wait till a car comes past. All around me is grass and hills. The hills and grass was starting to turn yellow and brown. I think that I should guess where it is now so I pull out my map and guess. I think that it is in Australia. Wrong! I was 16111 kilometres away. It was in The United Kingdom. I got 54 points.

POW! I have been teleported into another city and this one is really busy. There are cars coming from every direction and I am standing under a bridge. There are signs all around me so I walk up to one and it is all about a camera. So that was no help. I walk up to someone but they just walk away. I am looking at the flags all around me and I am starting to think that I am in Russia. I take out my phone and enter it in. WOW! That was close. I guessed in Russia and it was in Russia but it was in a different area. I was 1681 kilometres away and I got 2010 points.

 Picture from Google Images

Finally, I am transported back home and I have just sat down on the couch when I get a phone call saying that all together I got 5826 points. I am really proud of myself and I really wish that I could do it again. Now that I am home I can just relax and do what I want. Even though I have been travelling the world and I really want to do it again, I am kind of sick of travelling and getting zapped into another city or place that I have no idea where it is and then having to guess where it is. All of this has been such a lot of rushing around but it was really fun. I wish that I could do it again sometime.


  1. Wow!
    Great scores Hannah.
    Your overall was pretty good as well.
    Keep it up.

  2. Cool Hannah it sounds like you had a good time writing this post. Did you have fun writing it? Keep up the good work Hannah.

  3. Wow Hannnah,
    That was such a cool Geo guesser story!
    I like the way you put how you hated getting zapped in to other places but it was fun.
    I also like the way you have written out the story.
    Keep up the good work.
    Well done:)

  4. Cool Hannah!
    I really like how in the end you write a part about being at home.
    My favourite part was the one in Russia.
    You got allot of points.
    Keep it up.

  5. Awesome Hannah
    Your writing is really awesome
    I like how you got really good photo
    Well done


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