Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Cat Art

This is my art.

Today I finished my Cat art by Paul Klee. I think that it was really fun and it started off like a W and then ended up like a cat. I really enjoyed this art and it took me two days. I think it is really cool. Hope you enjoy!
These are the steps that we followed.


  1. Your cat really stands out, Hannah.

    I like your layout and how you have used blended colours.

  2. Wow Hannah.
    I like the little fish on the top of the cat. Well done. What is your favorite part of cat art?

  3. Great work Hannah!
    your art really stands out.
    It is really colourful.
    Great cat art.

  4. Awesome Hanz

    I like your cat art it really stands out. I like how you used the pastel
    it is really effective. I also really like how put the christmas tree in that is really cool. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

    Courtney :)

  5. Awesome Hanz!
    I love your art, it is outstanding, I love your colours they are bright and pretty.
    Well Done!

  6. Thanks all of you.

    I really enjoyed doing the cat.

    My favorite part was coloring it in.


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