Saturday, October 13, 2012


This is my art that I created. ENJOY!!!

Hannah’s Tree Of PRIDE
This is my art that I created called the Tree Of Life by Klimt but my class renamed it The Tree Of Pride. All the symbols represents me. My favourite symbol is the one with the pencil and the line coming out from it because I LOVE writing and drawing.

This is my QR code. You can scan it and see what it says!


  1. Hi! Hannah,
    I love your Tree of Pride. It reminds me of the artwork in Dr Seuss. I like how by looking at it carefully I can find out about the things you are proud of.
    I hope you have had a great holiday. I look forward to seeing more of your learning in Term 4.
    From Anna

  2. WOW , Hannah I love your tree of pride art , keep up the awesome art work. Keep it up.


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